1. Teachers will have to be present at 09:25 AM otherwise it will be half-day.
  2. The last time of arrival signature is 10:00 AM and departure signature time is after 02:30 PM.
  3. Come to class on time, if students rush outside the door after the bell has begun to ring will be considered tardy. You must be inside the door when it begins ringing.
  4. Avoid to use Mobiles for your personal needs and to eat in-class time.
  5. Bring required materials every day, don’t use the office’s materials outside the office, come to class prepared, it will make things easier for everyone.
  6. Attend school regularly if needed leave for one day or above, submit written application, call for leave in emergency only, otherwise, 100/- will be charged as a fine.
  7. Use only the English language on the campus, avoid using other languages, otherwise Rs 10/- will be charged as a fine.
  8. Never bring your personal problems or issues into the classroom. Leave them at home.
  9. Take the time to get to know your students. Find out what they like to do and include their interests in your lessons. Establish a rapport and connection with them.
  10. Walk in the Classroom, move around and help kids with their work, monitor behavior or answer a question.
  11. Be a good listener, listen to your students, listen if a student tells you that he/she is not understanding.

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