Eight in the course of time disables the latest bomb, however, Zen is also a lot more worried your intruder tend to strategy the gamer

He rapidly rushes over to Seven’s put even with requests and you can means the guy brings your the fresh new target. Because of the dusk, Not familiar sneaks toward Rika’s apartment to prevent activity as well as heat detectors from the breaking the window. Just before he can eliminate the pro, Zen comes into the latest apartment into code towards the secure. Unknown very first thinks your to-be Eight, however when experienced, he threatens Zen which have a button that may detonate the fresh bomb regarding the apartment in the event the activated. MC trips regarding Not familiar.

Zen in addition to user stay away from, providing https://datingranking.net/asian-hookup-apps/ defense from inside the Zen’s house. Once the user relaxes down on events, Zen means that it live together with her from now on, since it is dangerous on her to keep elsewhere. Whenever you are Jaehee agrees and you can approves of their dating, Jumin was hesitant, as he believes that a couple solitary couples shouldn’t alive together with her. No matter, once the RFA prepares into the class, Yoosung demonstrates he’s got discover an observe that can show Zen’s innocence: the seller of one’s goldfish cash.


According to MC’s actions incase they usually have were able to admission most of the game branch up to now, brand new class needs put on the brand new 11th day’s Zen’s station, where he’ll be able to ultimately take action from the states generated against your (find Zen/Endings for more info).


Yoosung is a good buddy from Zen, in addition to several express a beneficial brotherly bond with each other and you may Zen tries to help and you can cover Yoosung since the ideal as he can; they commonly stated that Yoosung is actually jealous out of Zen’s appearance. Zen acts as the top aunt towards the Yoosung, have a tendency to seeking help the more youthful child by the scolding your into the stopping playing (which includes greatly hindered their degree) in order that he is able to attract most useful to your his education and you will effort supply guidance to help you Yoosung on precisely how to look and you may work ideal so he may be able to get a spouse. Zen doesn’t tease Yoosung as often due to the fact other players, particularly 707, and generally seems to care and attention much regarding Yoosung, also impact as if he has to care for him, such as for example throughout 707’s channel whenever Yoosung chooses to go to Zen’s home in order to find morale as a result of the high tensions regarding RFA; the two have intoxicated, Yoosung way more than simply Zen, and you can Zen works out looking after and you may taking care of a drunk Yoosung.

Within the V’s station, Zen now offers Yoosung to remain having him and make your be safe immediately after tensions grow tough in the RFA thanks to the hacker in order to V’s behavior, and then he plays the character of mother hen when he tries to assist Yoosung having food healthier and score your to go running that have your; Zen will get tight just like the Yoosung will get psychological after the details about V and you may Rika’s relationship is shown and you can eliminates Yoosung’s mobile to help him relax. Despite how aggravated Yoosung looks throughout the Zen’s make an effort to help and you can cover your, the guy acknowledge brand new older man’s a great intensions that will be pleased one Zen really wants to look out for him.

Inside Yoosung’s route, Zen are supporting of your own MC and you may Yoosung’s rapidly centered matchmaking, albeit is actually cautious at how quickly the 2 are moving but is not as important of the two up to this new anyone else was, and you will a couple of times asks the MC to provide for Yoosung and you can aims giving dating suggestions towards the a couple of.

Zen and you may 707 was family relations. Zen usually prompts 707 for eating proper ingredients getting his health, rather than their normal eating plan away from fast food. Zen makes reference to him due to the fact an insane guy who’s exceptional skill into the hacking, but the guy cannot appreciate this 707 adores kittens a great deal. Zen understands that 707 isn’t an adverse people, 707 protects Zen inside Yoosung’s channel when he goes to stay having him to obtain out-of his stalker. 707 has rather helped Zen’s job by the hacking on the Youtube and you will and make certainly Zen’s video wade widespread, including doing a beneficial ‘Tripter bot’ so you’re able to daily tweet Zen’s selfies.