Just in time for #7… Here are the sins of Fast & Furious 6, and yes… Many of them involve either a tank or a runway. Another Best Picture winner to celebrate the Oscars.

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  • Romancing the Stone is an ’80s classic adventure film.
  • Even classic horror films.
  • Regardless, the seed was planted.
  • Well, here’s a Goosebumps knock-off directed by that gore-porn horror guy, Eli Roth.
  • Based on a line used in actual movie theaters to dissuade people from entering during or after a particularly exciting moment.

If you like 3.5 hour movies that are 80% CGI battle scenes… Then this is probably our favorite of the trilogy. After much demand, we decided to point the sin-counter at the dinosaur classic, Jurassic Park. And no, one of the sins isn’t that the kids don’t die. Do Prometheus fans exist?

Atomic Blonde is totally worth watching. It isn’t maybe as fun as the John Wick movies… It doesn’t make as much sense as a Bourne movie… But it has an incredible extended fight sequence that will rock your socks off. Oh, and it also has sins. For October, we like going back and hitting some older horror films we’ve never covered.

Fatal Flaws, Woof Edition! Cinema Sins Finds The Faults In Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

It’s objectively the best of the Prequels .

A really confusing sort-of- https://soloseries.tv/belen-rueda-sus-fotos-mas-sexys/ entertaining futuristic AI robot movie… Sorry for the lateness, we’re in LA being busy doing stuff. Here’s all the sins we found in the very final Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2. You’ve waited long enough. We bring you the sins of the final Harry Potter movie.

Best Cinemasins Videos You Can Watch On Youtube Now

An exception was The Room, where four bonus rounds happen concurrently along with the episode instead of the end of the episode. In September 2017, Scott, Atkinson and Share appeared at the Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville and taped their first podcast in front of a live audience. Jason Mewes and Brian O’Halloran appeared as guests on the episode. Due to the success, CinemaSins have released seven other series. “A fish in the mail? I definitely agree.

Whatever, here are the sins of the live-action 2016 Jungle Book that very many people loved. It Follows is one of this year’s most buzzed about horror films, in which the slowest ghost/demon imaginable somewhat attempts to kill some teens. We enjoyed it, still found plenty of sins. Since the Oscars are fast approaching, we thought it’d be fun to sin a couple former best-picture winners, starting with 1999’s American Beauty.

Great movie, still has sins. It’s finally time to count the sins of the Michael Bay-est of all the Michael Bay movies… As you might expect, we found plenty wrong with it. Before Spider-Man 3, Green Lantern, or most of the modern “bad” superhero films…

Here are all the sins we found in this monstrosity. They definitely made way too many Shrek movies. Shrek the Third is just flat-out terrible. Also full of sins. Cowboys & Aliens is another of those movies with a premise and a cast so good it almost can’t fail. We counted its sins.

This series didn’t see any new episodes until the series was revived after CinemaSins posted a new episode of the series this time about The Incredibles. They upload sins videos on Tuesdays and either sins videos or videos from their new series “What’s The Damage” on Thursdays. Jeremy Scott, voice and face of the YouTube channel CinemaSins, helps to show us just how many flaws those movies have. These mistakes, which Jeremy calls “sins,” often begin racking up in his videos, leaving many movies bearing the burden of triple-digit strikes against them.